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Innovation in the Intelligence Community

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

LSI is in the process of doing research for a whitepaper focused on how visionaries and analysts in the intelligence community can more successfully collaborate with innovative point-product and specialist integrator firms.  Together, they have the ability to bring new technologies to bear to improve the effectiveness and results of intelligence analysis.  The research project is examining the processes innovators and visionaries use to team around products and “solutions” which appear to be the types of tools analysts could use to more pro-actively and predictively transform data into information into knowledge and into actionable intelligence and probabilities.  We are inteviewing a broad range of experts and influencers across the intelligence community and associated market spaces to build a contextual perspective on the situation and circumstances.  The result of the project will be recommendations to the intelligence community and to the product, services and “solutions” firms interested in improving the results of their marketing and sales efforts.  Several sponsorship positions remain.  And the report and recommendations will be available for purchase in January.  Call John Skibinski at (703) 887-9879 to discuss the opportunities.